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Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie is a dual Board Certified Internal Medicine physician and Obesity Medicine Specialist with a passion for promoting health through honesty and hope. Her interest in medicine started at a young age while witnessing her grandmother’s health gradually decline due the consequences of obesity, diabetes, & hypertension. Assisting in the care of her grandmother inspired her to become a physician & her Christian faith has grounded her during the process.

As a practicing physician, Dr. Bollie sees the impact physical activity and healthy eating have on optimizing health. However as a busy professional,wife, mother, and self-professed foodie she keenly understands the limitations that prevent busy people from achieving their health goals. Fitness must fit the entirety of one’s life to obtain optimal health. This is why she created the Fitness Inspired Through Teamwork (F.I.T.T. M.D.)  to encourage herself and others to reach their health goals through the synergy of evidence based medicine, nutrition, faith, and motivation.

She currently practices Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine in the DC Metro Area.  In addition to striving to maintain a balanced lifestyle as a runner and fit foodie, she enjoys public speaking on weight management and general health.