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Coronavirus (COVID19) 

In late 2018, a new strain of the Coronavirus, COVID19, was implicated in causing respiratory symptoms in hundreds of people in Wuhan, China. By March 2020 the virus had spread across the globe, infecting over half a million people and causing thousands of deaths with new infections occurring daily. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire globe and disrupted our usual activities. It’s at best unsettling, at worst scary, and for some deadly. Sadly, misinformation has contributed to the fear surrounding the disease. I have provided a few resources for reliable information on this page. I also Tweet out relevant and informative information on my Twitter Page, @FITTMD. Practical tips on how to stay healthy and happy during Coronavirus is located here. 

Comprehensive Information

I've found the following sites useful to glean unbiased, practical science based information. 

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