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Quarantine Your Snacks & Get Healthier for COVID19


COVID19 has dramatically altered our lives. That includes our 2020 healthy eating resolutions and fitness plan. Even before COVID19 hit the Western Hemisphere statistically speaking those January health resolutions had faded before Valentines chocolate could hit the shelves. So COVID19 and all the stress it brought did not help the situation. We’ve been locked in with all those unhealthy, shelf durable snacks and I admit comfort eating. But as data emerges that COVID19 is most aggressive in the elderly and people with inflammatory health conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease. It’s more important than ever to optimize your health by eating better. That means it’s time to quarantine those unhealthy snacks and reclaim your health.

1. The first step is to identify WHY you’re eating.

-Stress? Boredom? Anxiety?

These are confusing and uncertain time. For many of us food is the socially acceptable way to sooth. The official term for this is emotional eating. In order to improve your chances of not overeating you have to address the reason why you are eating. Acknowledge how you are feeling. Trying to suppress or numb feelings only makes them worse and can lead to stress eating.

My college roomie Dr. Robyn Gobin has a great resource to address common sources of emotional eating called “The Self Care Prescription.”

Dr. Susan Albers also has many resources on emotional eating.

2. Make unhealthy food harder to get

 Think of your "excuses" as obstacles that create opportunities for positive change. 

Obstacle: During these times we tend to stock up on shelf durable items. Usually processed foods like pastas, chips, cookies, etc

Opportunity: If you already have unhealthy snacks

• Divide entire bag into individual servings

• keep them out of your reach

• If possible Enlist help in your household to keep you accountable. If there’s no one staying with you, start a tip jar that you fill each time you resist overeating or snacking

3. Make small changes . A healthier snack is better than an unhealthy snack. I think of food as “unhealthy” “healthier” or “healthiest” or “bad,” “better” or “Best.”

See my list here to help you with your substitutions.

4. Create a meal schedule and stick to it. 

Place it on the fridge, pantry and other key places you gravitate to when you’re tempted to snack to remind yourself of your meal/ snack times.

5.Stay well hydrated. It’s easy to get behind on our water goals when stuck indoors. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Set hourly water goals. Unless you have certain medical conditions* your goal is to have 1oz water/ kg a day. The goal is to have light yellow urine. (* for example kidney disease, heart disease, etc- always check with your doctor or health professional before consuming large amounts of fluid)

6.Sleep 7-9 hours a night. This allows your body to reset key appetite regulating homes and reduces your stress levels

7.Exercise- Thanks to the internet there’s lots of great free workouts online. If you haven’t exercised in a while start slow. Even only one minute of exercise is better than zero.

We’re in this together! We will get through COVID19!